matt grant

are you worthy?

Every circumstance is a chance to find out who we are.

Are we a worthy opponent?

To constantly experience good fortune is to miss out on half of life, on half of nature. The interesting half.

Disaster is the opportunity for true worth.

It is the opportunity to find out what you are truly capable of. Without that test, we cannot gain self-knowledge. We cannot learn without an antagonist to face off against.

So instead of dreading hardship, we should see it as an opportunity to prove our virtue. It is no bad thing.

It is not cruelty but a contest. A chance to exercise our strength, to prevent ourselves from becoming softening, to stop our minds from becoming dulled.

Nothing worthwhile is gained without sacrifice. Little by little we become hardened, little by little we become capable of enduring.

Little by little what started as necessity becomes pleasure. The strength we gain in order to survive thus enables us to thrive.

Misfortune puts us to the test. In what manner will we reply?

Must we follow the safe course? Or are we capable of taking to the heights?

Are we worthy?