matt grant

prepare for the worst

Think about your current situation.

What’s the worst thing that could happen right now?

How bad could it get?

Imagine coming home to find you’ve been robbed and all your possessions have been taken. Imagine your house has burnt down. Imagine never being able to hold someone you love ever again. Imagine not having anyone to love.

All the people who we care about. What would it be like if they died?

All the objects we attach value to. What would it be like if they were gone?

What about if we were in an accident and lost a limb? Or became paralysed?

What would that feel like? How would we respond?

Now go back to how things are right now.

How many of these do we take for granted?

Explore what losing them would feel like. Find a way to appreciate even the little things. We accept them as a given. But one day that won’t be the case.

One day it will all be gone. One day all of those statements will come true.

So be prepared.