matt grant

working hard

How people define a hard day’s work has changed over time.

It will continue to change. And different environments obviously produce different definitions.

Hard work doesn’t have to mean being constantly occupied doing something. It doesn’t have to be defined in terms of the time you put in or the amount of physical effort.

We can extend this to working hours. Productivity isn’t necessarily dictated by how long you spend at the office or at ‘work’. More isn’t always better.

What does hard work look like to you? Do you define it? Or do you rely on someone else’s definition and expectations?

Just because what we’re doing doesn’t look like hard work to someone else doesn’t mean the work isn’t getting done. Instead of measuring it using inputs, we can look at the outputs, irrespective of how we got there. What progress have we made? What insight have we gained? What is our definition of success?

You can set the rules.