matt grant

where are you looking?

Are you looking behind, thinking about the past?

Wondering about how things went, how they might have been. Going over all your choices, which ones you’d change, which ones you would never have made, which ones you would keep the same.

Are you looking far ahead, imagining the future?

Guessing about how things might go, what might happen, what you might have to do. Exploring every possible scenario, the likely and the unlikely, the plausible and the implausible.

Or are you looking at what you’re doing, being in the moment?

Because nothing else really exists. Nothing else matters other than what you’re able to do, right now. How you’re able to act, the way you’re able to think. Everything else is just our creation, a narrative we tell ourselves. Sometimes it can be useful, but we have to use it for what it is. A story, nothing more.

Look around occasionally, but remember what we’re looking at.

And what we’re looking for.