matt grant

what if things were different?

Some things are just outside of our control.

That’s what we tell ourselves anyway.

We get stuck thinking that there’s only so much we can do. That we have to rely on other people before we can act. That if some future circumstance came about, then we could acheive what we want to. If instead of our current situation, we had a different experience.

One which would let us follow our desires.

Sometimes this truly is the case. Sometimes things really are outside of our control.

But not nearly so often as we make out. A lot of the time, if we honestly wanted to a make a change, then we could.

We have to be quick to identify those few occasions where there’s nothing we can do and move on.

For every other opportunity that presents itself, ask ourselves what result we actually want to create.

And then rather than treating things as absolute, ask what you need to change for that result to become possible.