matt grant

cold water

The simple things. The satisfaction felt from the most basic meal when you are hungry. The relief brought by cold water when you’re thirsty. The comfort of a shelter from the rain, of fire from the chill, of rest wherever it can be gained after toil.

When we truly need them, the most basic things seem like luxuries.

But when we find ourselves in a situation of abundance, we are never satisfied. There is always something more, something new, something better.

We can cover our basic needs very easily. Food, water, shelter, warmth, rest.

Then what? We can find a community to be part of, to contribute to.

And after that?

Perhaps looking for the next thing is part of human nature. Perhaps it’s part of what keeps us going.

Or perhaps it is part of the problem.

What I have now is sufficient for me.

The basics. Nothing more.