matt grant

it can wait

Sometimes it’s worth acting immediately. Sometimes it’s necessary. But not very often.

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Waiting can actually be beneficial. It can give us more information. It can save us from making mistakes. It can give us an opportunity to reflect. Things that look important at first glance frequently turn out not to be.

How many things that seem like they need to be done right now don’t actually need to be done at all? How much unnecessary effort can we save ourselves? How much unnecessary cognitive load?

Time has a mediating effect in that respect. It helps to filter out some of our potentially negative responses.

So many things that used to take time have become increasingly instant. That’s not necessarily a change for the better. It’s also not necessarily a change for the worse. It’s just something to be aware of.

We have to factor it in when it comes to making a decision. We can afford to stop and think.

Do I really need to do that now? Do I really want to act on that impulse?

Or can it wait until later?