matt grant

one voice

There’s one voice we hear more often than anybody else’s.

Our own.

It’s always analysing our decisions, critiquing our choices, shaping our outlook.

It’s never going to go away.

So we have to learn to sit with it. We have to learn when to listen and when to not. When to control it and when to not. We have to learn when it’s helping us and when it’s standing in our way.

It can be incredibly useful in helping to guide our behaviour. But most of what it tells us is based off of past results. So it can also serve to create limiting beliefs. Remember what happened last time you tried this? Why do you think this time is going to be any different?

It speaks from our comfort zone.

Once we’re beyond that, we start to find out a lot more about ourselves. Out there we can really grow.

You have one voice. Be wary of what it’s saying.