matt grant

be unproductive

Are you being productive?

Is productive even what you should be striving for?

It’s not what we’re made for. We’re great at experimenting, tinkering, playing, exploring, creating.

We’re great at wasting time.

That’s a good thing.

It tells us what we really want to be doing. It tells us what it is that’s worth the effort, what it is that we’re willing to spend time on.

Those are the things that are actually important.

If we’re avoiding something, if we keep putting it off, chances are it’s because we don’t truly think it’s valuable.

But when we get obsessed, when we expend an unreasonable amount of resources going to the extremes of inefficiency, doing things that would never scale and to the outside observer don’t even look like they make sense, that’s when we’re on to something.

That’s when we come alive.