matt grant

today or tomorrow?

Do you want it now? Or are you willing to wait?

We have options for the way we see the world.

We can be present focused, looking for the immediate reward. We take advantage of right now, with little thought for how it might affect us later on. There is no plan, there is only the now. Don’t worry about the bigger picture, just worry about what you’re doing.

We can be future focused, delaying our gratifcation in anticipation of what lies ahead. We work hard now to improve the lives of our future selves. Every decision we make has an effect on what will happen hereafter.

We can also be past focused, using our previous experiences as a way of predicting what is to come. This can have both positive and negative impacts on what we feel is achievable. Is past performance an indicator of future results? Or do we always have the capacity to change?

Excessive present focus leads to chasing things which feel good in the short term but aren’t productive or beneficial in the long term.

Excessive future focus takes us away from experiencing the moment. Always planning, always thinking ahead without taking time to enjoy what we have already.

Excessive past focus leads to disempowerment. Most of our past is made up of the stories we tell ourselves rather than a factual representation. If we view the past as fixed, we preclude ourselves from feeling free to create our own life on our own terms.

So which is preferable?

A mixture.

Each of us has an inherent bias towards one of these. But that isn’t fixed. Once we become aware of the lens through which we view the world, we can alter it.

We can plan for the future whilst still enjoying the moment. We can learn from the past to better shape our future.

Today is here. What are you going to do with it?