matt grant

do this

Advice is useless.

It is merely a projection of something that worked for someone else at some other time in some other set of circumstances. It’s an autobiographical account that doesn’t take into consideration any of the differences between where you find yourself now and where they found themselves then.

It’s easy to forget that. It’s easy to think, ‘That worked for them, it will work for me.’

The best we can do is use it as a starting point.

We can examine the assumptions and the considerations that have gone into it. Is this person telling me this because it’s what they really believe? Are they saying it because they’re worried what might happen if they gave voice to what they really think?

Or are they saying it because they think it’s what we want to hear?

When someone tells you what you should do, ask yourself these questions. Consider their advice.

Then do what you want with it.