matt grant

here but not there

The first step with ideas is understanding them.

Once understood, they can then be applied.

But we tend to learn in a specific context. One application of an idea, within one particular framework.

The trouble comes when we stop there.

It leads to a level of blindness. We can see it one domain, but not in another. We know how we want to behave but, by limiting the scope of our knowledge, we end up going against that ethos without even realising.

Proper understanding is being able to take an idea, extract the concepts behind it, examine the reasoning and then find where else it is valuable.

We have to recognise also that, over time, things can change. Learning isn’t static. It’s a continuous process. So we have to keep going back to the original ideas. It was true then, is it still true now? Does it still apply?

Here, there, everywhere.