matt grant

it's not about you

Every idea can work for you and against you.

You might be standing up on stage. And everyone’s eyes are on you. Or you could be trying out a new activity. And you don’t know anybody there.

It can feel like everyone is judging you. Like they’re analysing and critiquing your every move.

This fear of being judged can make us nervous and self-conscious. It can put us off of trying things. It stops us from pushing our boundaries, from finding those valuable learning experiences. It keep us in our comfort zone, where we know how everything works, where we feel safe.

The greatest opportunities for personal growth start at the edge of our comfort zone.

Realise that other people are focussed on getting what they want. They’re acting in their own self-interest, just trying to improve their own life.

When you’re giving a talk, the audience is there for the experience. They aren’t there to critique you as a person. How you feel doesn’t matter.

When you join a club, remember that everyone else is looking for the same thing as you. They want to learn. To create a better version of themselves. They aren’t worried about what you do.

No matter what you think, the opposite can also be true. Sometimes it’s all about you. And sometimes it’s not.

Identify what people want. Then give it to them.