matt grant

up to the task

Just as there are things which are within our control and things which are outside of it, there are also tasks which belong to us and tasks which don’t.

We have to learn to stick to our tasks and not intrude upon or worry about the others.

It can be easy to think we know better, to think that we see a shortcut, a better way of doing things. But that isn’t our place.

It’s never our place.

It can be difficult to give up that control. It can be difficult to resist the temptation to intervene.

We have to ignore that urge though, we have to separate out the tasks and discard other people’s. This doesn’t mean we can’t be there to provide support, we just have to only do so when it’s asked for.

The rest of the time is ours to spend on our tasks and our tasks alone.

Are you up to it?