matt grant

building your own version of success

What does a successful property business look like?

Is it defined by how many buildings you own? Is it how much rental income you generate?

Maybe. Maybe that’s someone’s idea of success. But I think there’s a different way to do it.

Start with the customer.

Ask what they want. How can I best serve my tenants? Every one of them is trying to create their own successful business as well. So the best thing I can do is to help them acheive that.

Help them to realise their own ideas. If they want to grow, asking what I can do to support that. Start with their plan. And take it from there.

Asking those questions has led to the two development projects I’m currently working on. Between them, there’s enough to keep me occupied for the next 2 years.

But beyond that, I don’t really know what the future of my business looks like. There is no grand vision, no goals to accomplish, no numbers to reach.

I’m just going to keep asking people what they want.