matt grant

dogs chasing sticks

What’s this? It’s a stick.

It’s just a stick. It’s no different from any other stick. But we manage to convince the dog that there’s something special about this stick. That they should want it, that they should be interested in it, that they should attach value to it,

Then, all of a sudden, they don’t want to give it up. It’s still just a stick but now they don’t want to let go.

We throw the stick. They bring it back. We pretend to throw the stick. They run off, wondering where it’s gone.

We find this behaviour amusing when we see it in dogs. It seems completely irrational.

But are we really any different? Are we really any better?

Do we not all have our own sticks we chase after? Things that seem irrelevant to some people but mean everything to us.

What are you holding on to?