matt grant

one step at a time

The future is coming. But what it will look like, we have no idea.

We can try and predict it. But we don’t really have a clue.

Thinking about the future can be useful. Thinking about what might go wrong, what we might need to respond to, how we might need to react.

Preparing for the worst case. Letting the best case take care of itself.

But it has to be framed correctly.

We have to remember that it’s all in our imagination.

Chances are we’re completely wrong.

It relies on too many factors outside of our control. Factors we don’t even know exist.

All we can do is bring it back to reality.

Reality is what’s happening right now. What we can do right this moment. What we choose to do with this specific instant in time.

What one step are we going to take next?