matt grant

keep it simple

There are very few things we have to do.

There are things we feel pressured to do, things we feel compelled to do, things we feel we ought to do, but in reality we almost always have a choice.

The choices you make come down to how well you know yourself. Take stock. Be honest about what you actually want. Be honest about the type of person you are and what you have the means to acheive.

Don’t pretend. Don’t pretend that the circumstances are anything other than what they actually are. We are quick to shift the blame, to shift the focus. We are quick to label life as many different things but these are often fairly inaccurate.

Life isn’t anything in particular. Life just is. Life can be complicated. Sometimes we choose to make it complicated, but we have to acknowledge that that is a choice we make. We can choose to make it simple if we wish.

We can build complex ideas of how it’s all going to work, what it should look like and how the world ought to be.

Or we can just let it all go, and get on with doing what we do with no expectations.

How’s it going to work out?

We’ll see.