matt grant

break the routine

I’m a creature of habit.

This has its positives and negatives.

The upside is that once something becomes a habit, it doesn’t require any effort to maintain. Portions of my life run almost automatically with no extra conscious input. Things just happen. No thought, no conflict, no questions asked. Just action.

The downsides start to be felt once this becomes the default behaviour. Once the majority of my time starts to become a standard procedure. This leads to stagnation, comfort and a tendancy to err towards making the easy decision rather than the important one.

I have to recognise when this is starting to happen and respond accordingly. I have to recognise when I’m avoiding the things I’m scared or nervous about and face that fear. I have to recognise when I’m simply choosing to conserve the status quo instead of taking a risk.

It’s a continuous process.

Acknowledge the fear. Then go do whatever it is that scares me.