matt grant

find a reason

Things happen. Predictable things. Unpredictable things. The possible. The seemingly impossible.

But everything has a reason.

It might not seem like that is the case. It might appear that events are simply random.

But whether fortune has mapped everything out or simply left it up to chance doesn’t matter.

We can choose to interpret things in our own way. We can create a reason. We create a narrative anyway, an imaginary story about how the world is, so why not find a suitable explanation for all of our experiences?

Good and bad, right and wrong, fortunate and unfortunate, fair and unfair. They are one and the same. They cannot exist without each other.

They are just a judgement. A judgement we choose, based off of some conclusion drawn from some incomplete collection of facts.

There is no objective reason. There is just the one we pick.

What’s it going to be?