matt grant

all is quiet

When was the last time you did nothing?

How about just one thing?

It’s an interesting aspect of our behaviour.

We find it difficult to do nothing. There’s a need for our senses to be stimulated in some way. But a lot of the time this isn’t a conscious action.

We can examine our decisions and see what drives them.

How often do we have music just playing versus actually listening to see what we can hear?

How often do we read without an objective in mind versus studying to expand our knowledge in a particular area?

How often are we content simply to talk without actually deciding what we really want to know?

How often do we find our attention distracted whilst we’re in the middle of something?

How much time do we spend listening, feeling, thinking? How about just breathing?

How much time do we really spend in the moment?

For me at least, the answer currently is not enough.