matt grant

cause and effect

This post is something of a thought experiment. It’s something I’ve been turning over in my mind, thinking about and talking to people about. I’m not sure I yet have a satisfactory answer to all of the questions. I have an answer which I might post in due course, but by the time I do that, it may well have changed.

Given that we exist and given that, in existing, we have a non-trivial impact on the world around us, to what extent are we responsible for trying to redress any imbalances in nature that we cause?

There are certain things we can’t change. There are certain things that, in changing them, have other unforeseen impacts which may well be more serious than the thing we were trying to correct in the first place.

Given that there isn’t really such a thing as collective action, there is simply a collection of individual actions, is there any way to address this issue in a general sense? Can the question even be answered on anything other than an individual scale?

What do I feel my actions should be given how I see the world and my place in it?

Things to think about.