matt grant

basic principles

No matter who you are or what you do, chances are you have some principles that govern the way you behave.

Beliefs about the way the world works. What’s possible and what isn’t. What it takes to get where you want to go.

Every action can be reduced down to its basic principles, irrespective of how complicated it seems to be. If we find what those are, we can produce practical, functional steps based upon them.

We can take anything we want to achieve and deconstruct it. Keep stripping bits way, keep drilling down, keep simplifying until we come up with something that can’t be seperated. Until we get to the stage where it’s no longer about the what, it’s all about the how. Where we can look at our current situation, evaluate it against our principles and then say, ‘right, what next?’.

These principles don’t have to be permanent or absolute. We can always refine them based on new information.

And often times other people will see it differently.

Then we get a choice. Do we change? Or do we double down on our own point of view?

Find the principles. Everything else can be built later.