matt grant

under pressure

Time will pass, no matter what we do with it.

And with it comes the pressure to get things done. Action, rather than inaction.

We feel the need to hurry.

But where does that come from? It doesn’t come from the events themselves. Rather, it is of our own creation.

We choose to see things that way. We let the opinions of others influence our thinking.

We put the pressure on ourselves.

And, if we so decide, we can take it off again.

It can be used in a positive way. Or it can cause us to make bad decisions. We can let ourselves compromise on the long term results in favour of short term relief.

We have a responsibility not to settle for instant comfort. Instead, we need to focus on doing what’s right for the future, outside of the opinions of the moment.

Because if we don’t, regardless of the pressure we feel, time will show us the error of our ways.