matt grant

choose how you play

Everything is a game.

As such, at the most basic level, we have a decision to make. We have the option. Do you play? Or do you not?

Sometimes, certain games come with existing suggestions for rules. These usually come about as a form of social construct or as a result of extrinsic pressure. There’s a way we’re supposed to behave.

But we can always say no. We can propose our own rules and opt to play by those instead.

So then you have to decide. Based on the costs and benefits as you perceive them, is it worth playing by someone else’s rules? Is it worth playing at all? Are you willing to compromise on one thing in order to get another?

And your initial perception might turn out to be different from your actual experience. If that’s the case, revise your view and play again.

You can apply this process to anything. According to your own evaluation, everything can and must be justified. Everything has a reason that you get to choose. Nothing is absolute. There is no right or wrong answer.

This analysis will change over time as your values and experiences develop. You have to keep asking yourself these questions. Keep reassessing your choices. What was a good idea before, might not still be a good idea for you now. Your perspective shifts.

Give yourself the freedom to behave how you want. Play by your rules.