matt grant

a place to live

When it comes to where I want to live, I’m drawn to the two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Big cities. Or complete isolation.

At least, initially I saw these as opposites. But in reality, there’s a lot of similarities.

You can be isolated in a city. There’s people everywhere but nobody’s talking to each other. You don’t have to interact. The difference is that you have the choice - whether you do or whether you don’t is up to you.

Another appeal of a city for me is having everything I need within walking distance. It’s just there. And that’s not so different from a little rural village. A general store, a greengrocer, a coffee shop.

Everything you want and nothing more.

The big difference is the capacity for me to be useful. In the middle of nowhere I can please myself, do what I want, be entirely selfish. But it isn’t the sort of environment where there a lots of opportunities for me to be useful to other people.

In a city, on the other hand, opportunities are everywhere. People have a different idea of what’s possible. They have an idea of what they want to create and they see a way that they might be able to do it.

That’s the kind of place I want to live.