matt grant

the people around you

Everyone in your life has an expectation for how they think you should behave.

They have their own set of criteria to evaluate you against.

And often times this differs from our own definition of success.

Realise that those around you have an interest in keeping you the same. That they aren’t going to see things as you do. When you have a strong idea of what you need to acheive, of what is important to you, remember that they might not see it the same way. They aren’t necessarily acting with malicious intent, they just can’t see it from your perspective.

It can be risky letting others’ opinions shape our behaviour.

The easy option is to accept their approval.

Whilst they might praise us for our achievements, if it’s not up to our own standards then we’re never going to be contented. According to them we’ve done enough. We’ve worked hard enough, we’ve put in enough effort. We deserve to take it easy. But if that choice is made on their terms, we won’t be fulfilled.

In order to be truly free, we have to decide for ourselves what is reasonable and what is not. We have to decide how far we are willing to go and when we are satisfied.

What results are you trying to create? What type of person do you want to be? What will it take to get you there? We can accept someone else’s benchmark. Or we can look to set our own.

Some people are happy with you just the way you are. But are you?