matt grant

considering the opinions of others

Some people have the power to change your experience of life. Some people don’t.

Even for those that do, the amount of influence they have is down to us.

We can let their opinion guide our behaviour. We can try to appease them, try to impress them, try to act as we think they want us to. Or we can ignore them and choose our own path. The third option is to compromise. To take what we feel is useful and leave everything else.

Whichever way we go, we have to acknowledge that some people will disagree.

So there are a few questions to be asked. Am I doing this because I want other people to see me in a certain way? Am I doing this because it gives me the best chance of achieving a certain outcome? Is that outcome actually desireable? Is it something I really want?

We always have the choice to opt out of certain games. But if that’s the choice we make, we have to accept the consequences. We have to understand the rules in play and the possible impact of our actions.

This is how I choose to live, creating a life on my terms.