matt grant

switch off

We only have so much work capacity.

We can increase it but it will always be limited.

So we have to be mindful of how we use it.

Our body always knows its own limitations. The problem comes when we choose to ignore it. When we try and push ourselves too far.

Work capacity doesn’t only refer to physical limits. Our level of mental exertion also has a significant effect.

We have to rest both the mind and the body. We have to learn to recognise when we are both physically and mentally fatigued and respond accordingly.

We have to know the difference between times when we ought to stop and times when we are simply lacking motivation. Times when we have had insufficient recovery and times when we just aren’t fully applying ourselves.

If we don’t, then our body will force us to stop.

My tendancy has always been towards adding more and more work. Pushing myself harder and harder. Recently I’ve tried to change that pattern though. Recently I’ve become more aware of my own capacity and have tried to adjust. In all aspects of my life.

It’s a constant process of refinement. But it’s absolutely necessary.

Take the time to switch off. Otherwise, you won’t have a choice.