matt grant

on the outside

Sometimes you can be too close to something.

There’s too much going on, too many factors, too many things to consider, too much information.

Facts, opinions, emotions, feelings.

It can cloud your judgment.

It takes a change of perspective for you to see things clearly, to get to the heart of the issue and see what’s really going on.

What the real problem is.

And what needs to be done about it.

Sometimes we can do it for ourselves. We can take a step back, detach ourselves, and look at things objectively. But sometimes that isn’t possible. Sometimes it takes someone else to do that for us.

And then it can all seem so straightforward and obvious. Why couldn’t we see that before?

It’s simple, looking back. But finding that perspective is the difficult part. Finding the right place to stand and the right way to stand there is a valuable skill. Valuable and necessary.

So when you find somewhere to observe from, remember it and appreciate it.

A place on the outside, enabling you to look in.