matt grant

a numbers game

Everything can be measured.

We quantify things, compare things, analyse things. This is what it was before, this is what it is now.

If we don’t do it directly, then we do it comparatively.

This state relative to this other state.

This is how things used to be, this is how they are currently and this is where we think they should be.

That last category can make things difficult.

It sets expectations. It implies that there’s something wrong with current situation that can only be rectified by reaching something else.

That once we get there, everything will be ok.

Which is never the case.

Because once we’re there, there will another thing. Another marker to aim for, another metric to improve.

So long as we’re focussed on changing things, we will always find something to change.

Instead, accept things for what they are.

This is the current situation. There are some things we can change. And there are some things that will change of their own accord, regardless of what we do or think.

These are the numbers. Make of them what you will.