matt grant

normal? or just normal to you?

It can be easy to take things for granted.

If you’ve never experienced anything different then that’s just the way things are.

If you’ve grown up in a certain environment then you see that as how things are everywhere.

That’s just what people do. That’s just how they behave. That’s normal.

But contained within this mindset are a couple of interesting concepts.

It can give you the permission to try things that others have never considered.

For some, starting a business seems so far outside the realm of possibility that they never even entertain the thought. But if you’ve always been surrounded by people who run their own companies, then that can seem like the most normal thing to do.

Acknowledging and investigating your own inherently biased worldview can also highlight things that seem abnormal to you, forcing you to question your assumptions.

‘I could never do that.’

Couldn’t you? Or is it just that your viewpoint doesn’t currently allow you to see a way to make that thing possible?

You can always challenge your idea of what you hold as absolute truth.

It will never seem normal to everyone else, but don’t let that stop you.