matt grant

nobody cares

You might think that everyone is watching. But they’re not.

You might think that everyone is worried about what you’re doing. But they’re not.

It makes us feel special to think that people care about what we’re doing. But they don’t.

This realisation is both humbling and freeing at the same time.

It’s humbling to grasp just how insignificant your life and everything you do is. To think about how the majority of people on this planet don’t even know that you exist. And in just a few hundred years time, even fewer will know that you ever existed.

Next time you feel self-concious, or worried about someone else’s opinion, remember that you’re probably thinking about it way more than they are, if they’re even considering it at all.

And even if they are, they’ll soon have forgotten about you and be back in their own self-interested world.

It puts everything into perspective. It makes you really think about how you spend your time, to look inwards and think critically about becoming the best possible version of yourself. To ask better questions, and to seek better answers.

It’s also liberating.

Once you realise nobody is looking at you, you are free to do what you want. To do what you really want, without fear of being judged. To selfishly follow your desires. To explore, to experiment and see what happens.

Nothing matters. Nobody cares. So make the most of your opportunity.