matt grant

what next?

You’ve got some idea of a change you want to make, or a goal you want to achieve.

But the distance between where you are and where you want to be can seem vast.

For example at the moment, I’m in the process of evaluating the way I approach my training.

I know that I’m looking to improve my climbing, to work on my strength imbalances and weaknesses and to continue pursuing handbalancing.

But these are nebulous goals.

They don’t give me any information about the process.

So how can I change this?

Two ways:

#1: What do I know already?

I’ve always kept a workout log. But recently my entries have been far less detailed. In order to assess everything I’m doing now, I have to improve the analysis of my workouts and the time I spend in the gym. What’s working, what’s not, what I can change, what I can add, what I can remove.

Then I can look at each area critically and identify the next step.

#2: What do I need to find out?

This can apply at separate stages of the process. Firstly, as a way of illuminating possible paths. And secondly, as a way of filling in missing steps. For the first example, there might be something I have insufficient knowledge of to even make a start. In my case, this was mobility. But doing some workshops and coaching sessions has given me enough to know where I need to be headed. My current situation falls more into the second category. I have an idea of possible steps to take, but am still missing a high enough level of detail to turn these into actions.

One thing I’ve neglected over the past few months has been research.

I’ve stopped reading about strength and conditioning. About nutrition, about programming, about supplementary work for my climbing. I’ve stopped investigating and learning. So to create better actions, I need more and better knowledge.

This process can be applied to any area of your life.

Find that next action and then do it.

And if you need more information, determine what exactly you need to know, then go and learn it.

And once you’re on your way, keep asking - what next?