matt grant

something new

Is it new and better than the old? Or is it just new?

New might seem better. It’s different. So our excitement at the change means we are more willing to overlook the shortcomings. But over time the novelty wears off. Now we aren’t comparing the old with the new, we can view things more obejctively.

This is part of the reason why we have to stick with a certain path. It applies for both the positive and the negative.

Something might seem like an improvement initially but turn out to make things worse in the same way that that which seems bad has the capacity to benefit us in the long run.

So how can we apply this knowledge?

By avoiding change for change’s sake. By scrutinising every new action, every new oject, every choice we make to do something differently. By making sure that we’re basing our decisions on our own knowledge and not letting them be swayed by external factors or popular opinion.

Is it time for something new? Or do we just need to be better?