matt grant

mistakes were made

We’ve all made mistakes.

We’re all going to make more mistakes.

The issue is not with the fact that they happen. It’s how we respond to the fact that they have happened.

We can use the discomfort we feel afterwards as a way to guide our future actions. To try and avoid making the same mistake twice.

What do I feel I did wrong? Why am I unhappy about the way I acted? Given a similar situation, what would I do differently and why?

We can also take it one step further.

We can apply this thought process to things we’re tempted to feel were outside of our control. Mistakes that we blame on others.

Instead of seeing ourselves as a victim of circumstance, that something happened to us, we can change the narrative.

We can decide to take responsibility.

Everything that happens to me is a consequence of what I’ve done. Every bad thing is a result of a personal deficiency.

Now how can I change that so it doesn’t happen again?