matt grant

logic vs emotion

I’m a very logical person.

I mean that in an analytical sense. I have a tendancy to view everything as a series of facts or statements. Observations to be studied, hypotheses to be formed. Arguments to be evaluated for their validity and conclusions to be deduced.

Everything I do follows that pattern.

Whilst thinking about my approach recently, a contrast was drawn between logic and emotion. I try and reduce everything down to a series of reasoned conclusions. Everything is studied, researched, examined.

I tend not to act on an emotional basis. I try and take the emotion out of decisions.

Why is that? What is it about me that causes me to act in that way? What could my reasons be? Am I deliberately avoiding emotion to escape from potential negative experiences?

Even when looking at my emotions, I approach it in a logical way.

Is there even an inconsistancy here? Are the two mutually exclusive? I don’t think so. It was posited that perhaps they exist as two points on a spectrum. And we fit somewhere along that line.

So what’s my conclusion?

I’m not sure.

Maybe I need to try and experiment more with exploring the emotional end of that spectrum. Maybe there are certain things which can’t be broken down in a logical manner.

Maybe I’m missing out.

We’ll see.