matt grant

one little opportunity

Studying the nature of the universe is humbling.

The distances. The periods of time.

It can give you a wonderful sense of perspective. A sense of freedom and detachment.

On a long enough time scale, everything you know will disappear into nothing. Everything you do will be forgotten. Nothing is forever.

Everything you have now will be gone.

Don’t grow so attached to anything that losing it will cause you distress.

Every feeling, good and bad, is transient. Everything you feel right now will pass.

Use negative feelings as an opportunity to practice self-discipline. And recognise the ephemerality of the positive as well. Contemplating the loss of that which brings you joy means you can avoid taking it for granted.

Realise that every time you do something, it could be for the last time.

All you’ve got is this one little opportunity. How are you going to spend it?