matt grant

through a different lens

Over time we convince ourselves that more is better.

More things, more accessories, more features, more bells, more whistles.

But you get to a point where none of them are relevant if they aren’t being used.

I got to that stage with my camera.

I didn’t want to carry it with me anywhere, it was too much of an inconvenience. It wasn’t worth it. So I stopped taking photos. I went from taking a fair few to taking none at all.

Then I realised it was fairly pointless holding on to a camera I didn’t use. So I sold it. All of it. Every part of my photographic kit.

There was still a part of me that wanted to take pictures though.

I missed the different perspective on the world carrying a camera around with you gives. You look at things in a different way. You pay attention to the details, to how things really look, to what’s going on around you. You might not always find a picture worth taking, but you’re always looking for one.

So I replaced it.

I replaced it with a completely different setup. One that I want to carry with me everywhere. One that forces me to work within certain restrictions. One that places limitations upon what I can achieve and how I can achieve it. Not real limitations, just creative limitations.

Limitations that force me to look at my environment through a different lens. I just have to choose to look through that lens.

I’m back taking photos.