matt grant

watch your language

There is no such thing as absolute reality. Everyone perceives things slightly differently.

In some cases, a general consensus can be reached and we can agree on what, in all likelihood, we think reality is.

But when it comes to our own personal experiences, these are almost entirely subjective. The way we interact with our environment, the way we feel, the way we respond to internal and external factors, these are all based around our own viewpoint.

As such we almost always have a choice. How are we going to see the world?

What we find is decided by the language we choose. Everything we do, everything we see, everything we think, everything we feel. Our only means of communication is through language.

This is especially relevant when considering our past. Our memories are imperfect. What happened, happened but what we feel about it, that’s down to us. We can change our experience at will, simply by altering the way we describe it.

So what language do you use? Are there places you have to be? Things you must do? Is that really how things are? Or is that just your opinion? Is there a possibility you might be wrong? That there might be an alternative?

When we describe things in absolute terms, we give ourselves an easy out. We’re helpless. That’s just how it is. But when we change the framing of the situation, we not only give ourselves the power to make a different choice but we also force ourselves to take responsiblity for every decision we make.

It’s a lot easier not to have make any choices. But if we do that, we rob ourselves of any opportunity for growth.

So watch your language. It could be affecting you more than you think.