matt grant

jack of all trades

We have a choice.

We can try to do everything. We can try to compete in every area, to cater to every need, to be everything to everyone.

But doing so means compromising. It means watering things down. It means doing some things because you feel you have to, not because you want to. It means having to get things done, rather than doing them the way you think they ought to be done.

It means having things to do instead of focussing on what’s important to you.

The other option is to define your space.

This is what I want to do. This is where I’m going to operate and this is who I’m going to serve.

It means saying no to everything outside of that.

The great thing, however, is that there’s always going to be someone who wants to do the work that you don’t. Someone who has set themselves up in the space you don’t want to occupy.

So you can let them concentrate on that part.

And get back to mastering yours.