matt grant

invest in yourself

What are you good at? What could you be better at?

How much work would it take to turn that good into great? How about becoming the best in the world? What are things that are worth obsessing over?

If you’re willing to accept that challenge, to push through when it gets difficult then you might have a chance. If you’ve got the resources, the focus and the enthusiasm then you might be able to reach that level.

Now how about the things you’re terrbile at? There are numerous things that simply aren’t worth your time. For the amount of effort required, the potential pay-off just doesn’t make sense.

You can use this to your advantage. It makes you far more efficient. Instead of wasting that time, you can invest it in more valuable activities. You can decide before you even start.

Identify when the time is right to either step away or step up. Where you need to quit and where you need to double-down.