matt grant

trying hard

Trying hard is as much about knowing when to stop as it is when to push.

Sometimes things will be in your favour. And sometimes they’ll be against you.

But even when things truly are outside of your control, we always get to pick how we respond.

How we react to the situation in front of us. What we do with the options we have.

Sometimes things get out of our control. Then we have a choice. Do we dwell on past mistakes? Or do we accept them and see how we can deal with the results? Do we make an informed decision about how to move forward?

My tendancy is always to do more which has got me into trouble in the past.

So now I need to recognise where I am and analyse what got me here.

Then learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.

We always have the freedom to make a choice. Try hard to make the best one for you.