matt grant

what happened?

What did you do yesterday?

You can probably rememeber pretty well.

What about last weekend? Probably still got a fairly good idea.

How about last month? This day last year? It starts to get a bit more difficult to recall.

What do you remember about what you were doing 5 years ago? Is there anything that stands out?

Our life is made up of memories, stories we create for ourselves about things that happened.

If you can’t remember it, did it happen? Where you even alive?

The routine blends into one. Our memory treats it like a compression algorithm. “It’s all the same, store it as one, don’t worry about the details.” When we do something different though, when we break the routine, when we make ourselves uncomfortable, our memory is forced to work. We have to learn, to store the new information.

*“This is different. I’ve not come across an event like this before. Make a note.”

Over time though, if we keep repeating the new thing, it becomes routine and our memory starts compressing it again. So we have to keep doing it, keep changing things up, keep stepping outside our comfort zone.

Don’t look back and wonder what happened.

Keep surprising yourself, keep creating memories, keep remembering.