matt grant

creatures of habit

We all have our habits.

They might be things we do every day, things we do every week or things we do once a year.

But at some point in time we have made a conscious decision to start doing these things.

We linked a certain cue and a certain outcome to trigger a particular behavioural pattern.

We build good habits. But we also build bad ones.

The first step to altering a habit is recognising that it exists. Often times they don’t cause enough discomfort to force us to take action. Occasionally we don’t even pick up that we have them or realise that they affect us.

What habits do you have which could be negatively affecting your ability to maximise your potential? What is the routine you want to change?

Every habit is based around based around two things. A signal which prompts us to do the thing, which precipitates the behaviour and an anticipated reward.

Having identified the habit, we then have to figure out the cue before asking ourselves what is we think we will gain from doing it. What is the benefit we’re seeking? What result are we looking for?

Once we discover the sources of our behaviour, we empower ourselves to make a choice. You can change anything. What will you choose?