matt grant

low hanging fruit

Sometimes a tendancy to keep wanting more can cause you to overlook the simple things.

Is more really better? Or might you be better off with less but make sure the quality is higher?

My tendancy when it comes to physical work is to add more. My constant curiosity means I stack work on top of more work. It’s all interesting to me, so why not do it all at the same time?

But the smarter decision is to look at the efficiency of all that work. To consider what the minimum effective dosage is. Might I be able to get away with doing less of one thing to leave more time for everything else? Might that even lead to better results? Am I making this all unnecessarily complicated?

Instead of more work, maybe it’s more rest that’s needed. Maybe it’s trimming down what you’re doing to the essentials and discarding everything else.

Chances are, within everything that you’re doing, there’s a couple of little things that have the potential to make a huge difference. There might be a time for drastic action but to start with, find the easy changes. Find the low hanging fruit.

Once you’ve got those sorted, you can start looking deeper. You can start with the serious stuff.