matt grant

favours from fortune

I know that I’m exceptionally fortunate.

I believe that recognising this is critical to developing a realistic opinion of myself.

I got lucky. Very lucky. Now I want to use that as much as I can to help other people.

I think we have a tendancy to overstate the role fortune plays when we’re looking at the circumstances of others though.

It’s always going to be a part, no matter what.

But don’t write anything off as unobtainable.

The seemingly unachievable results are often the product of a significant commitment. We just don’t always see it. We base our judgement off of the visible outcomes.

Realise what is possible. You have control over more than you sometimes think. It’s important to find a balance between recognising the part luck plays and maximising our own potential in determining the life we can create.

I’m struggling with that balance in my own life. It’s been a major part of my self-reflection recently. What will the outcome be? We’ll see.