matt grant

first things first

Wash up and then organise my things? Or organise my things and then wash up?

Two seemingly trivial tasks. At first glance it doesn’t seem like the order matters. But what about if we consider the ancilliary elements of each?

Organising my things is simply organising my things. There are no dependant tasks.

However, part of washing up is drying up afterwards. You can’t do one without the other. And if you leave the stuff to drain, this makes drying up easier.

So now we can see that there’s a more efficient order for the two tasks. There’s an advantage to doing it one way round rather than the other. Wash up, leave the stuff to drain whilst organising my things, then dry up afterwards.

This logic doesn’t just apply to basic housework.

We can establish dependancies and prerequisites for everything we do. Certain things can be started and, once running independantly, left to carry on whilst we work on others. It can save us time and unnecessary effort.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it pays to do the right thing first.