matt grant

predicting fate

Whatever fate one man can strike, can come to all of us alike.

Everything we have can be taken away. Family. Wealth. Honour. Prestige. All can be lost.

They are but borrowed ornaments.

They are gifts. But gifts that have been loaned, not gifts that are ours to keep. Gifts that must be returned.

Some sooner than others.

We would like to think that we are different. That these are things that will happen to other people but not to us.

But we are not unique. We cannot escape fortune’s judgement.

So all we can do is prepare for that time. Be ready to give them up. We accept them on the terms with which they have been given.

Enjoy them wholeheartedly whilst we have them, but do so without attachment.

We cannot know what our fate is. Or when it will come.

We can only try to be ready for it.