matt grant

too expensive

It’s an easy excuse to make.

It lets you off the hook. It puts it out of your control.

You can’t afford it. It costs too much. There are so many other things that you have to spend money on.

But are there really?

Which of them are actually important? Which of them are absolutely necessary? And which of them are in fact luxuries that you could do without?

If you did without some of those, chances are it wouldn’t be out of your reach.

It might be something that doesn’t look as impressive. The reasoning might be less obvious and the benefits to your life less direct.

But can you afford not to do it?

Can you afford to keep ignoring your responsibilities? Can you afford to keep saying that it’s someone else’s problem?

How long are you going to keep that up?

Maybe it looks too expensive.

Or maybe your priorities are simply in the wrong place.